We are now in the Riccardo Tisci era of Burberry and the Fug Girls are right – this is not the Burberry you might remember. This is Burberry, Kardashian styles. I generally hate an over-the-knee boot so these looks are a hard pass for me. (Go Fug Yourself) 


A few weeks ago, I was in Duana’s yard, properly socially distanced, and I ended up with the sh-t seat: the one where there’s nothing behind you, like no fence, just the rest of the yard. And her big tree. I have a thing about not knowing what’s behind me. I’m never comfortable. The whole night I kept yelling at this f-cking raccoon that was trying to ride up on our party. That asshole would not stop eavesdropping on us and at one point started creeping towards me. This is why it’s the sh-t seat. One day it’s a raccoon and the next day is a goddamn bear! (Dlisted) 

Dolly Parton has confirmed that she has tattoos. She hasn’t given too much detail about them though, other than to say they are “tasteful”. What do you think they are? And where are they? (Cele|bitchy) 

Saturday Night Live has confirmed its new season return date: October 3. And its first guest host. Excellent choice. He’s an alumnus. And he has a lot to say. The musical guest is perfect too. Because she has dominated this year. OMGGGG do you think Beyoncé will make a surprise appearance?! (Pajiba) 

I…what… huh? No. I do not cosign this. FRUIT SALAD IS NOT A DINNER! You know that feeling you get on your teeth when you eat fruit? Whyyyyy do you want that for dinner? Don’t you want something you can properly chew? In my mind, I feel like fruit salad for dinner is like having straight person sex with a ghost, a wisp of a person, no heft. You keep waiting for penetration but it doesn’t happen. (Eater)