Dear Gossips,

As we usually do, Duana, Kathleen, and I watched the Oscars together and at no point, as we usually do during award shows, did we say to each other… what? We’re only at XYZ category? It’s only been an hour? The Oscars went by quickly and I’m still trying to decide whether or not that’s a good thing. The show timed out at 3 hours and 17/18 minutes or so, which is still 17/18 minutes longer than how long they originally intended it to be but it felt like it went by fast, at least for us. And, remember, as Oscar junkies, we’re not the ones who don’t want the show to be long on principle. We want the show to be good and long. If it’s good, we don’t give a sh-t how long it is. Was it good though? To be discussed, we will get to it, all of it. And the fashion and the moments and the everything. But first, I’m opening on a personal note: 

On ETALK AT THE OSCARS last night, our first guest was Constance Wu. Our show began with her, live, on the red carpet, with Ben Mulroney. I’ve been covering the Oscars now for etalk for 14 years. We have never kicked off our Oscars red carpet show with an Asian movie star – not because we don’t want to but because, well, the opportunity just hasn’t been there. After Constance, the next person to step up to our camera was Domee Shi, the director of Bao. As I wrote last June of Domee and her achievement (Pixar’s first female short film director), she was already a First Only Different and now she’s an Oscar winner. And that’s how we kicked off our broadcast last night – with the Asian American star of one of the most successful rom-coms of the year and the Chinese Canadian creative who keeps making history. Oh and a documentary short about menstruation also won an Oscar. 

So, sure, while there are a lot of things about the Oscars we can sh-t on, there are also a lot of good takeaways from the night. Domee Shi is already working on her first feature for Pixar due out potentially in 2022. With this win, even more opportunities are possible. This is how the Oscars can still have value - sometimes. 

As for the rest of it… well… we’re ready to debate and for you to shout at us, about the fashion and the presenting and the performing and the closing of the eyes and the major upsets. It’s been one of the most unpredictable award seasons in years and it definitely delivered on a few bombshells. So we’ve been up all night and we’ll be posting all day and we love that you’re here for the recap – please keep tweeting us and messaging us yelling at us and if you’re joining us late, please keep scrolling down and hitting the next page to get caught up on all the posts. 

Yours in gossip,