You may not have been expecting a Euphoria post today because last week was the season two finale, but…surprise! While it’s not a Twitter recap of a new episode, it’s connected to one of the biggest meme moments from the final episode of this season—Elliot’s really long song. Here are some more tweets about it for your viewing pleasure.


One of the funniest parts about this is Dominic Fike’s response to it. 


He’s a good sport which makes me like him more than I already did. Any celebrity who recognizes that most memes are a way for fans to show their love are always in my good books. As a proud member of Euphoria Twitter, it’s also nice to see the tweets get recognized by more stars of the show (although, the tweets were really hard to miss this season). Dominic also acknowledged the joke in the caption announcing the release of the song.

Despite how long it was in the show, the song is great. 



Music is how Dominic started his career and the song has that euphoric (pun intended), stripped back vibe that we are familiar with in the show (shoutout to producer Labrinth), and his delicate vocals make it an easy listen. Zendaya is in this version too, and their voices blend beautifully together. I’d recommend this one for a “rainy day” or “sad boy hours” playlist. 

It would be really out of character for Rue to break out in song with Elliot during the show (could you IMAGINE the reaction on Twitter LOL), so I’m happy that the episode only featured Elliot singing the song. I’m still trying to figure out why Sam Levinson felt the need for the actual scene in the show to last 1000 YEARS, but hey…at least it gave us the comedy and, yes, of course, the song.


Another popular song released from this season was “I’m Tired” by Labrinth and Zendaya. 


Most people see it as the theme song of the second season, and it’s stunning. I love how they ended the season with a Labrinth and Zendaya duet the same way they did in season one with “All For Us”. But with the new song, the energy is more muted and vulnerable, which is a good representation of the emotional turmoil that Rue goes through this season. 

Zendaya, obviously, already has a full career, but after hearing these songs, I’m so here for her to take another dive into the music scene. It would be more than some money grab because her voice is actually really good. Since I grew up during her Disney days, her song “Replay” was the talk of my middle school hallways (and honestly, it’s still a bop). She’s a different kind of artist now than she was back then, but  seeing her get to a point where she is on a song with Labrinth for a show she stars and produces is just an extension of what she’s been doing since the beginning. I’m not sure if Zendaya dedicating more time  to music is something we will see anytime soon, but I have hope!