Surprise! A Dominic West update! He’s still doing unofficial press conferences and insisting his marriage is fine, explaining that his wife, Catherine, is in Ireland on a “work trip”. And that it’s none of our business what went down in Rome with him and Lily James. Well that’s definitely true – but Catherine’s friends keep talking to the press too and letting us know how upset Catherine is so… these people STILL don’t have a professional on their team. (Dlisted) 


Kate of House Cambridge stepped out in a new red coat. If you’d told me that it wasn’t new I would have believed you. And it’s not like I haven’t been, over the years, paying attention to what she wears. My point is that even though it’s a new coat, it doesn’t read new because it’s firmly in her style lane, and really not that remarkable, so was this really a good purchase? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Do you want to watch shows with pandemic storylines right now? That’s a hard pass from me. The only shows I want to watch are East Asian dramas with beautiful leads who take eight episodes to kiss for the first time and leave me sexually frustrated but in a kind of sweet way. (Cele|bitchy) 

A food crime has been committed. Some people are trying to call this an apple pie. WHAT IN THE F-CK IS THIS?! I don’t make apple pie. But I do make an excellent apple galette. And sometimes people call it a “rustic apple pie” which I still think is a stretch. So this … abomination, no to the f-ck, is not an apple pie. It is, however, the kind of space creature that the Millennium Falcon would fly into. Seriously – why would anyone want to eat this?! (Pajiba) 

Remember the Red Wedding? Of course you do. It was on the all-time great pop culture twists. The Ringer is doing a series of them starting with this one. (The Ringer)