Remember when Dominic West looked like he cheated on his wife Catherine FitzGerald in Rome and then came home and they did a weird ass photo shoot and pinned a note to the bushes for the media? Well now they’re on holiday in Kenya to celebrate their marriage. Great. But, um, why are they on holiday anywhere?! I haven’t left my house since Saturday. And likely won’t again until this coming Saturday when I make my weekly trip to the butcher, which is basically my version of going on holiday these days. (Dlisted) 


I have never seen these Diana Ross wedding photos before and I’m good with that because today I got to experience them for the first time and… WOW. This is such a timeless wedding look, I love it so much. I love whatever you call it, the capelet lace piece over the dress, I love the flowers in her hair like buns against both sides of her face, and the tiara and all of it, all of it is sublime. (Go Fug Yourself) 

It’s a new year. I mean, it’s already February but my point is this… every goddamn year for the last 15 years and especially over the last four years, we’ve had to listen to speculation about whether or not Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are getting back together. And 2021 isn’t missing out on that sh-t. (Cele|bitchy) 

How do you feel about frozen pizza? Since I have the tastebuds of a child, I love anything that comes out of the freezer in a box. Which means I’m definitely down for frozen pizza but I do have certain frozen pizza favourites. Like Dr Oetker. The ones that are too thick and soggy aren’t for me. That said, I haven’t had frozen pizza once during the pandemic. I’ve either made it myself or ordered takeout so now I’m wondering if I should add this to my grocery list. While we’re here though, and we’re talking about frozen food, I was texting someone the other day about frozen corndogs because I f-cking love a corndog and miss them so much – there is no going to a carnival these days – but I’ve never had a frozen one… are they good? Should I try? (OMG Blog) 

The best part of SNL last weekend was Bowen Yang’s Fran Lebowitz impression. It was EXCELLENT. But what does Fran think of Bowen’s Fran? Fran answers in the most Fran way possible. But seriously, Bowen NAILED it. (Vulture)