Is it weird to say that Donald Glover ‘won’ the weekend considering what he won with? I hope not, because to not do so would take away from how… everything he is. 
So yesterday Kathleen asked ‘HOW is he so good at everything?’ and I self-importantly texted her to tell her it’s because he believes he’s a literal genius, as per the incredible New Yorker profile from a few months ago, and… who’s going to tell him he’s wrong? Look at him!

His mauve Gucci suit is impeccable, and if only all the people who are obsessed with how hot he is (which is true and fine to acknowledge, showing us that is obviously part of his genius) got to see the incredible embroidered Illuminati sunburst on the back of it because it’s the best part. Not that any of the men there were real slouches in the suit department, but this is the boldest one, which of course makes it the best part of his already awesome look. 

Well, almost. The actual best part is that if you look closely you can see his white loafers are ever-so-slightly scuffed at the back of the heels, and I don’t know if that means they were artfully distressed to look that way, or if he wore them around driving or something to break them in. I really hope that was the case.  
Do you think Donald Glover gives himself the week off? Or like, until Wednesday? Or will he be up early making memes of all the stupid stuff people who just discovered him Saturday said to him last night about This Is America? Is it possible Donald Glover has discovered a way not to require sleep?

Donald's grooming look is by Baxter Of California.