Did you hear how Donald Trump answered a question about Ghislaine Maxwell? I mean…. there are some people who are like, ugh, how dare he wish her well or as IF he doesn’t know more about the situation and others who actually thought he was being “brave” by wishing her well, LOL, but my conspiracy theory mind is going to dark places. And “wishing her well” to me sounds, um, sinister. You know what I mean, right? (Dlisted) 


When I ask you to picture Tiffany Haddish’s favourite dress, what comes to mind? You know it right? You should. She wears it all the time. She tells us why she wears it all the time. It’s white, it’s McQueen, and it cost a lot of money which is why she’s getting the most wear out of it – UNDERSTANDABLE. Anyway, the dress made its debut three years ago and the Fug Girls are commemorating its premiere. (Go Fug Yourself) 

As mentioned earlier, and repeatedly, California is now the state with the highest coronavirus count and Los Angeles County is seeing a big surge in infections. Not enough people are staying home. Not enough people are taking precautions. Not enough people are wearing masks. Jennifer Aniston posted about masks a couple of weeks ago and she’s doing it again, this time sharing a photo of a friend (with his permission) who contracted COVID-19 in April. And good for her. But the fact that she even has to is … like…why are we still having this conversation!?! (Cele|bitchy) 

In this time of coronavirus, health professionals are not being precious, especially about sex. In fact, many of them are being super realistic about sex – and in British Columbia, the guidelines are so realistic that, well, they’re mentioning “glory holes”. No judgement, no shame, nothing but praise. (TMZ) 

Duana sent this over to our group chat this morning and starting the day off with an errant meatball that almost f-cks up an academic record is… a new one. (Buzzfeed)