Donald Trump quit SAG-AFTRA in a “you didn’t break up with me because I broke up with you first” letter which, as Duana noted when we texted about this yesterday, you have to remember, would have been directed to Gabrielle Carteris, aka Andrea Zuckerman which is an added fun fact to this already hilarious, cry-baby situation. (Dlisted) 


It’s not that I don’t enjoy watching Tom Brady read tweets in which people tell him to f-ck himself. But a lot of these tweets are really misogynistic and a showcase of toxic masculinity, which I think is the same thing, but my point is… there are LOT of better tweets from people intelligently telling Tom Brady about himself and what his shortcomings are and these are the ones they chose? (Pajiba) 

It’s Super Bowl weekend and this is a great Super Bowl throwback that has nothing to do with football but everything to do with pop superstars. Beyoncé, Britney, and Pink – remember their Super Bowl ad? It holds up. Worth your three minutes. Do you agree with the Fug Girls that we’ll never see these three women on the same stage again? (Go Fug Yourself) 

During the pandemic, George Clooney has apparently turned into Mike Holmes and Martha Stewart. Is he… about to launch a lifestyle brand? You know what? I’d actually be interested in that. (Cele|bitchy) 


Quiz time! This first quiz tells you which fashion capital you belong in based on your food choices and it’s accurate in my case: I love London, more than Paris and New York. The next quiz asks you to build a plate of pasta to determine what musical instrument you are. I just decided to pick my favourite pasta ingredients instead of actually designing a pasta dish and my instrument surprises me: violin?! Me? Violin seems sophisticated and hard. And I’m basic as f-ck with both my food preferences and my music taste. (Buzzfeed)