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The “Jonai” have been in Paris this week ahead of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s wedding. They’ve been seen on boat rides and out for dinner before Joe and Sophie took off for the South of France yesterday, presumably to get ready for the wedding, expected to happen this weekend. We know this because it was revealed a while ago that they’d be getting married (again, after making it official in Vegas) there. But we KNOW this, as in exactly, because Dr Phil confirmed it on Instagram. Yes, Dr Phil is going to the wedding. Random as f-ck but whatever, all of this has been random as f-ck. Could you have predicted that Joe Jonas would marry Sansa Stark? Or that Nick Jonas would marry Priyanka Chopra? And that together, along with Kevin and Danielle, they’d be like… a crew? Maybe your third eye told you that but mine was not anticipating that the Jonai would be making all these headlines in 2019. 

You know who might benefit the most from all these headlines though? While the paparazzi and the magazines will be focused on Joe and Sophie and all the other Jonai for the next few days leading up to the wedding, Zoe Kravitz and Karl Glusman are undercover. According to Us Weekly, Zoe and Karl are getting married (again) on the same day. Given that we had no idea that they too had already married, it’s not surprising there are no other details about where Zoe and Karl will have their ceremony – or if it’s even true. The bigger the Jonai spectacle gets, the less heat on Z and K which, I’m sure, though unintentional in the scheduling, is exactly what she wants. And I’m happy for her, if it works out that way, but I’m also an asshole because I desperately care about them and if there’s one wedding look I want to see SO bad, it’s Zoe Kravitz’s. 

Karl last posted about Zoe on Instagram last week saying that he missed her:


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Cara Delevingne commented “see you soon”. Cara is more discreet than Dr Phil? 

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