Dear Gossips, 

Drake was productive before the pandemic lockdown. So it’s not surprising that he continues to be productive now that there are no parties to fly to, no basketball games to fly to, no impromptu holidays to fly to. This might be the longest stretch that Drake’s spent in Toronto in a while – sheltering at home at The Embassy and planning yet another summer takeover. 


Yesterday Drake announced that he’d be dropping a new mixtape which means people have been listening to DARK LANE DEMO TAPES all night but this is not an official album. The official album is coming this summer. 

That last official album of course was Scorpion, released almost two years ago, after several weeks of beefing with Kanye West and Pusha T, which broke all kinds of streaming records upon its release and is now five times platinum. Scorpion was a double album, 25 tracks long – too long, but what does it matter to him. He did indeed rule the summer that year on the strength of “Nice For What” and “In My Feelings”, an almost “accidental” #1 hit after it became a viral dance challenge. 

This time will probably be the same, especially if restrictions are lifted soon and everyone rushes out to get their lives back. As he says on “Pain 1993”, somehow for Drake, “when I shoot my shot it’s the Kawhi way, it’s goin’ in”. And it’s been like this for a decade. 


So for many, it’s Drake on the playlist this weekend. As for the watch-list… OMG so much. My first priority tonight is The Half of It. If we weren’t in lockdown times, Kathleen would be sleeping over and we’d be crying over it together. Then I’m building in time to get through at least three or four episodes of Mindy Kaling’s Never Have I Ever. Then on Sunday it’s the usuals: Killing Eve and Insecure. And The Last Dance. 

Before this I used to not feel any way about there being too much in the viewing queue. And now I almost feel guilty for not being able to binge everything all at once. People have been yelling at me all week over email about Never Have I Ever and why haven’t we written about it yet and I’m like… OMG how are all of you mainlining all of this sh-t so fast?! I’m working three jobs from home! Also, please, please don’t talk to me about Normal People. It’s too painful for us here in Canada. 

Yours in gossip,