What Drake needs to stop is going up on stage and telling a different girl he loves her. Last August it was Rihanna at the VMAs. Last night it was Nicki Minaj, “the love of his life”. Which no one took seriously, at least I don’t think they did, but Star Magazine will probably still try to rumour in their next issue that Drake and Nicki are about to make babies. If they don’t try to rumour that he and Vanessa Hudgens are happening.

So Drake set a record last night at the Billboard Music Awards for the most wins in one night – 13 awards. And that’s why he was there. Billboard awards aren’t necessarily the People’s Choice Awards but, at the same time, it’s not like it would have been a big secret. Drake had five rows to himself and his entourage at the show last night. And he performed in the fountain at the Bellagio. And they kept talking about how he “could” break the record, a sure sign that he WOULD break the record, especially since Young Money is back together and the Big 3 were seated front and centre.

That said, despite the lack of suspense, Drake certainly came to entertain. Or was it just me? I loved him last night. I loved the leg kick during his acceptance speech when he called out his dad and his purple suit and shoes:

Drake has always, always known how to create a meme. And/or turn himself into one. You will see “boy, if you don’t stop!” over and over again now. Every time there’s a sick dunk, every time someone hits a high note, every time the internet discovers a new moment, Drake’s leg kick will make an appearance.

My moment, however, is this:

Drake tells her he’s about to ink her face on his ribs and she’s like… can you please be friends with my son? Maybe take him to your party?