Drake’s son Adonis has been with him in LA for at least a couple of weeks now as Adonis was with him on stage at the Billboard Music Awards on May 23 when he accepted the Artist of the Decade title. This the kind of moment a parent would want their child to be present for, alongside the more ordinary ones. Not that, obviously, anything is ever ordinary. But then again, going to basketball games, playoff basketball games, in Drake’s world, isn’t exactly an extraordinary thing. He’s a frequent fixture on the NBA sidelines. This time, though, his plus one was extra special. 


Drake and LeBron James are friends, so here’s Adonis arriving at Game 6 between the Lakers and the Suns yesterday with his dad repping Lakers #23. Drake is so proud of this shot that he posted it on his own IG stories: 

Drake's Instagram story

So cute, right? 


During the game, Drake didn’t have Adonis next to him the whole time but back away from the court, perhaps for safety reasons, but Adonis wasn’t alone – his little truck was with him:

Drake's Instagram story


I love the look on his face, looking up presumably at the big screen, the awe of being there. I wonder if he’ll remember it 10, 15 years from now. 


Speaking of years from now, lol, Drake’s Certified Lover Boy was supposed to drop in January and has since been pushed back. At this point, there’s no release date yet, although Drake knows that people are waiting and he doesn’t seem to be in any rush: 

Here’s an artist, the Artist of the Decade, who is almost never on time. Drake is always late! It’s never a problem because, obviously, his track record speaks for itself and it’s not like he has to answer to anyone who’d dare to rush him. That in and of itself is power. Imagine not meeting deadlines and not having to sweat it? That’s a fantasy I have every day – to be able to not worry about handing in something when it’s supposed to be handed in or completed.