Kylie Jenner was dragged last week for getting on a jet to go a few minutes instead of driving and now it’s Drake flying for a mere 14 minutes and being criticised. He’s come up with a defence though – something something about storage. But this is my cue to complain about Greater Toronto Area traffic because it is getting more and more F-CKED every day! (Dlisted) 


I posted in this space about Gugu Mbatha-Raw wearing “sea foam” the other day. And now she’s in another shade of green and killing it. Only complaint: the dress might be just a bit too long? Which might be why the shoes look so weird to me. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Prince William and Kate Cambridge are in the market for a new social media manager and I can’t wait for them to do a dance challenge on TikTok. (Cele|bitchy) 

The Weeknd is the perfect Halloween celebrity. His Halloween costumes are always elaborate – and always freaky. And he seems to want to maintain this freaky reputation….so it’s no surprise that he’s launching a “nightmare experience” which I will NOT be f-cking with. These haunted house or equivalent things are dangerous. Some people get violent when they are scared – me! (OMG Blog) 

I’m not listening to leaked tracks. I will wait until tomorrow night, I will stay up until midnight – we are SO close. Beyoncé is coming. And she is the “pop star we need right now”. Right now? Always! (The Atlantic)