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Does it just feel like there’s been a lot of new music this year… or has there actually been a lot of new music? The pandemic has made it so that artists can't party and they can’t tour. And while, sure, some of them have the means to travel privately and obviously it’s not like they’re struggling in quite the same way civilians are, there is a lot more down time for them. Which means productive down time. So many new songs, so many new albums. 


And another major release on the way: Ariana Grande, a new single called “Positions” will drop on Friday followed by what’s expected to be the album of the same name a week later. She’s been hinting at new music for a while now. And she’s not doing it by surprise, giving people enough lead time to be ready. 

Rumoured collaborations include Doja Cat and The Weeknd. As for what she means by “Positions”, since horny seems to be one of the themes of 2020 that doesn’t make us feel like sh-t, many are assuming that this has to do with whatever positions get Ariana horny. 

And then there’s Drake. He promised his new album, Certified Lover Boy, before the end of the summer. We’re a month past that now. But also, it’s not the first time Drake hasn’t met a deadline. Does he ever make a deadline?! Not that it’s ever disappointing, and I guess that’s why Drake is Drake, because he always delivers…eventually. But I’m not sure punctuality is his thing. And it’s also his birthday coming up on Saturday. Will he time the release for his birthday? Or will it be further delayed because he’ll be distracted by his birthday? 


On his IG stories last night, Drake seemed to be going through some digital nostalgia, posting shots of a Nokia phone, a Blackberry, and MSN Messenger. 

Drake's Instagram Stories
Drake's Instagram Stories
Drake's Instagram Stories
Drake's Instagram Stories

Not sure if that means anything but apparently there was a Certified Lover Boy truck spotted in Toronto recently so people are assuming that the merch is on the way. Speaking of Drake and Toronto though, Canada was front and center in the coveted opening sketch “Bonjour Hi!” on Saturday Night Live this weekend hosted by Issa Rae. Bowen Yang’s French accent is excellent, non? For many Canadians, and many Canadians from Montreal in particular, this sketch was exactly right which means there’s a Canadian on that writing staff. But it was also very, very niche so the fact that SNL led with it was an interesting decision. I’d love to know how that was decided. 

Are we constantly buzzing about Drake sightings here in Toronto? I mean, kind of yes, but I feel like it’s become a shrug. Oh yeah, Drake was there last night. Oh, I just heard Drake’s over at X, Y, Z right now. I don’t know that anyone’s rushing to see. But he’s kinda like the patron saint of our city, just hovering over the skyline at all times, less of a tangible figure than a palpable aura. 

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