Pharrell (via N.E.R.D) released the Lemon remix featuring Drake on Saturday night. I was excited for this in theory because I love Lemon but as soon as Drake’s voice kicked in on the first verse of the remix, I realised that the thing I love about Lemon is Rihanna and that this song did not need Drake. If the Lemon remix was just Rihanna rapping “I get it how I live it/ I live it how I get it” over and over, I’d be happy. 

Come Monday, no one was talking about Drake’s unnecessary addition to Lemon because Drake’s next feature appearance had already dropped and this one is definitely necessary. The video for Migos’s Walk It Talk It featuring Drake is GREAT. I love it so much. Unlike Rihanna, Migos needs Drake. They also need Jamie Foxx. 

The Walk It Talk It video is a Soul Train-inspired throwback homage to the 70s with Jamie Foxx channeling his inner Don Cornelius playing the role of “Ron Delirious.” See what they did there? Jamie Foxx throws it over to Quavo, Offset and Takeoff, who are two-stepping in matching afros and the most hysterical era-appropriate suits but it’s Drake who steals the entire clip.

LOOK AT THAT PERM. Emma Stone got the mainstream fashion mags talking about perms again after she stepped out in one during award season but when I think of perms, I don’t think of Emma’s basic beach waves. I think of the style Drake is rocking in this video. I think of Rick James. I like to think that Rick James was Drake’s inspiration for the character he’s playing in this video. It’s a celebration! 

Drake’s strut down this Soul Train line dance is so funny I can’t stop watching it. Drake just gave the culture so many good GIFs I don’t even know where to start. 

There’s this one:

But this one is my fave: 


We’ve written a lot about how Drake is SO good at creating moments that will go viral. He’s also coming off a music video-high after his charitable, heart-warming God’s Plan visual. God’s Plan just topped the Billboard 100 for the EIGHTH week. Migos’s album is called Culture and Jamie Foxx’s Ron Delirious is hosting a Culture Ride gameshow but at this point, it’s hard to argue against the fact that Drake IS the culture – or at least, he’s doing the best job at using it for his professional gain.