I, like thousands if not millions of other people, am fascinated by this video of a hotel room getting flooded and some dude trying to escape it. It’s so dramatic! I’m not talking about the dude jumping over the railing and onto the car. I’m talking about the REACTION to the jump. The endless wailing. Which illustrates how important sound can be to a scene. I don’t think I’ll ever be able un-hear these cries of desperation and pain. Take that, John Krasinski. (Dlisted) 

Duchess Camilla’s office looks… exactly how I would have pictured it. I’m kinda into how she didn’t even bother tidying up the box over her right shoulder. (Cele|bitchy) 

This is an outfit that Salma Hayek wore 20 years ago and, honestly, I think I like it more than most of the outfits she wears these days. The hair is the most dated part of the look. Remember back then we used to always have our hair done in these “fan” style displays? WHY! WHAT WERE WE THINKING??? (Go Fug Yourself) 

In our circle of friends, I would say that I have the most mainstream celebrity crushes. “Offbeat” isn’t generally what gets me hard. In our circle of friends, it’s Duana who’s always coming in with the WTF crush moments. Like the other day, we were talking about boy bands, specifically Backstreet,  and Kathleen was defending AJ and taking about Brian and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, Duana enters the conversation with Howie. What? Anyway, I bet you Duana would be all over these weird hyperspecific celebrity crushes. (Pajiba) 

What are the best movie songs of all time? The entries here were not what I expected to see when I clicked on the link. But then read the clarification and it all made sense. You’ll be happy to know that the most debated song from A Star is Born (the Lady Gaga version) made it on the list. (The Ringer)