dream hampton decided to drop some information on Twitter yesterday about Beyonce and Jay Z yesterday. The Carters have been criticised for not doing enough in support of #BlackLivesMatter. According to hampton though, they’ve been doing a lot…they just didn’t want it out in the open. The tweets have since between deleted but Complex screencapped them – click here to see.

You’ll note, dream begins by insisting that she doesn’t care if “Jay gets mad”. And there follows some detail on how the Carters have contributed a lot of cash, undercover, to bail out protestors and to fund infrastructure for the movement. Basically dream’s trying to say that the Carters are a lot more involved than they’ve been given credit for. And, more importantly, they haven’t wanted credit for it. That’s where we find ourselves now.

Because you know what you think of Bey and Jay. And it’s hard for you, me, all of us to believe that dream isn’t working on their PR. I can buy that Bey and Jay would use someone else to make them look good, of course I can. Jay’s taken a hard hit lately over Tidal. And this weekend he defiantly freestyled his defence at a show in New York. No doubt, the Carters could use some positive press. But I’m not sure if I buy that dream hampton would agree with it. Because it’s not like dream hampton is an ass-kisser. A couple of years ago, she called out Nas for allegedly using ghostwriters. Click here to read her response when she was attacked for it. dream has challenged the rulers of the hip-hop establishment before.

That said, she and Jay are close. They collaborated on Decoded. There’s obviously a connection there if she can just call him up and ask for money. The question is whether or not you think dream hampton would compromise her integrity just to curry favour with the Carters. I’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt. You?