Gemma Arterton wore a purple dress back in 2008 that is doing a lot. And I don’t think I mind it. The colour is lovely on her. And yes, it’s two dresses that can’t make up its mind about what it really wants to be which… I dunno… I kinda miss that kind of fashion moment right now since there are none so I guess my gauge is different now. But what I’ll never change my mind on are the shoes. I hate them. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Meghan Markle’s lawsuit against the Mail on Sunday is delayed nine months for a personal reason. And any time anyone sees “nine months”, they’re thinking there could only be one possible reason. But would they want the Mail to know about this reason, and trust that the Mail won’t reveal the reason? Or does the delay have to do with another lawsuit against the Mail that Prince Harry is considering. Obviously people are more focused on the possibility of another Sussex baby. (Dlisted) 

One of my favourite things that happens on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is how much he dunks on Tucker Carlson and I cannot wait for him to dunk on Tucker Carlson for “my documents were lost in the mail”. (Cele|bitchy) 

This is a very good question: which fictional character would definitely be an anti-masker? I’ll tell you who: Jorah Mormont or Catelyn Stark. I hate them both. Catelyn Stark is totally a Karen. As for Jorah, I have no evidence to back this up but I just hate him so much and I haven’t been able to express that in a long time. He’s so gross I don’t understand why so many of you were thirsting over him. (Pajiba) 

We are coming up on the 20th anniversary of OutKast’s Stankonia and this essay by Justin Sayles is a MUST READ. Andre 3000 and Big Boi were only 25 years old at the time! (The Ringer)