Since I work on two shows, etalk and The Social, Halloween is always multiple costumes for me. And I’m never “hot” for Halloween. So far, for the last six years, ever since the launch of The Social, I’ve managed to wear pants every Halloween. Am very proud of this. Here I am as Big G today on The Social: 


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For etalk, it was a true performance – as Jackson Maine: 


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Two wigs, a beard, and several costume changes! Halloween is the MOST. 

Anyway, enough about me…

I am so happy about this. SO HAPPY. It was time. It is time. It’s time for Justin Bieber to be cute again. Because he was getting really cute before he stopped washing his hair and straggling around, non? I’m not sure what this means for the wedding though. If I’m Hailey Baldwin I’d want to marry him with his "What Do U Mean" video hair. (Dlisted) 

The problems with this dress on Salma Hayek reveal themselves as you scroll down. Like if you were looking at the photo from just the waist up? It’s all good. The bottom ruins everything. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Gwyneth Paltrow is defending goop and insisting that their brand philosophy is not based on “wellness for the rich”. She says it’s bullsh-t. OK but the thing is? Especially in America? Wellness is for the rich. Lower income families have fewer health care resources and have less access to better health care information. Wouldn’t it be great if she could advocate for that? (Cele|bitchy) 

Steven Tyler really does describe Steven Tyler best. (OMG Blog) 

My Jackson Maine makeup today involved wearing no concealer under the eyes and bringing OUT the bags under my eyes with bruisey blue-ish eye shadow. As for how to get rid of dark circles and bags and the right product and technique for it, here are some really, really good tips. (The Cut) 

I think I know what a “jump-scare” is but I’m not super positive and the reason for that is that I avoid movies where I know there will be jump-scares. Horror is not my thing. That said, if it’s your though, here’s an essay on the history of jump-scares. (The Ringer)