I mean, I think we all know how reality shows work and the editing tricks that go into it to create drama. So …sure. Maybe there was some creative editing that went on here. But what’s also worth noting is the part in Devon Windsor’s statement about how she was trying to lighten up the moment, no pun intended but, GOD, isn’t that a loaded expression in this context, non? Sometimes, when people want to be heard, inserting a joke into the conversation isn’t the most effective way of supporting people. I too have to learn this. And I’m still trying. (Dlisted) 

You know what we all need? A white pointed toe bootie, for next spring. So practical, I know. But it’s such a crisp look with a shorter pair of pants. Look at this the white booties on the Carolina Herrera runway with that checked suit. So good. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Drew Barrymore and Justin Long used to date. Then they broke up, she got married, he was with Amanda Seyfried, she ended up getting together with Thomas Sadoski – and there was a timeline question – and now both Drew and Justin are single and …a thing again? I thought he was hot in that movie with Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck playing a couple. What was it called again? He’s Just Not That Into You? Valentine’s Day? New Year’s Eve? They’re basically the same, right? (Cele|bitchy) 

The results of this quiz are hilarious, especially where Leonardo DiCaprio is concerned. At least at the time I did it. And it speaks to why people still care about him, even though he’d like to believe differently. Memory vision, remember. We don’t see people as they are. We see them as we remember them. (Buzzfeed) 

Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes, walked the runway this week. Madonna was not there. Mom, I don’t want you to come – do you think Lola has ever said this to her mother? The way we’ve all said it at some point to our mothers?! (The Cut)

The Murphy Brown reboot is upon us soon. And so, to prepare, here’s a piece revisiting its first ten seasons. (The Ringer)