Dua Lipa has been in New York all week, and yesterday was out and about in a couple of outfits. She’s been rocking fits all week—the Fug Girls almost mistook her for Julia Fox—and yesterday was no different. Here is Dua two ways, with a daytime fit of baggy jeans, ballet flats, and a moto jacket, and a nighttime fit with a big ass coat and, ugh, Mary Janes and socks.


I know the youths are all about bringing back Nineties fashion, but can we just be honest and admit that once the Eighties hangover ended, Nineties fashion was bad? Square-toed Mary Janes with socks is a look I am happy to leave in 1994. The socks could well be a practical answer to the freezing temps going on right now, but if that is the case, just wear a pair of boots! The one good thing about winter is boots! 

Anyway, Dua is part of the contingent of potential Barbie Best Original Song nominees. Barbie has a really good soundtrack, and I like Dua’s single a lot—I like her music, in general—but I feel like everyone should clear the decks for “I’m Just Ken”. That’s the showstopper. But Dua and Billie Eilish are contenders alongside “I’m Just Ken” writers Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt. I just really want it to be nominated so that Ryan Gosling has to perform it live at the Oscars. Can you IMAGINE? Getting “Naatu Naatu” and “I’m Just Ken” in back-to-back years? We should be so lucky.