Hi Duana,

I'm expecting my second child in the summer. I feel in my heart of hearts that it is going to be a girl. We're not going to find out in advance, but I have so much pride and small change riding on this baby. It has to happen! 


When we were expecting our first child, we had the perfect girl's name picked out for a long time - Juniper Grace. But we didn't have a girl and would you believe in the time that has elapsed, one of our friends ended up, totally coincidentally, naming their newborn daughter Juniper Grace! Obviously we can't do this now. I've also been put off a bit by the growing popularity of Juniper, a name that I still love. We already have one in our friend group and another in the neighborhood. It's everywhere! It was time to let Juniper go.

So far, I'm loving the name Camille. But I liked the ring of the two name Juniper Grace, and I'm struggling to think of any middle names that could go with Camille. I also like Cora and Cadence and Allegra as first names but my partner is not keen. The baby's last name will be single syllable, a common colour word. I'd love some help brainstorming middle names or other name options.

And...for bonus...just in case I'm wrong (impossible)...we have absolutely no boy names picked out at all! 

Thank you so much!

Middle Name Problems


I mean, I’m sure you’re right too. Why would you be wrong? You wouldn’t. So even though it would be fun, we’re going to go with the hypothesis that you are both brilliant and correct, and off we go. 


I actually was struck first by your mention of your surname, because I really love colour names, and they remind me of Juniper a bit, maybe because it’s so often used to describe gorgeous lush paint shades? Anyway, I’m not suggesting you call her Violet Blue or anything, I just wanted to say generally that I want people to think about colour names more, and you opened that door, so thank you. 

Okay, in other news – 

I think what you want with Camille – which I really, really love – is to find a name that gives you some bouncing rhythm, especially with your one-syllable surname. So my first thought was in three-syllable names. Camille Anissa, or Camille Emily, or Camille Hilary. You’re also definitely going to want a lot of vowel sounds, so I’d eliminate single-syllable choices like June or Dawn – you want something that expands the name, gives it some depth and definition. 


So… Camille Danica? Camille Anastasia? I am a bit extra, but I really like that one. I’m also a big fan of the name Allegra, but Camille Allegra might have too many double-Ls too close together -- strangely I don’t feel that way about Allegra Camille, where the double Ls really work well together.  Any chance you can get that one past your partner? 

Camille Diana (go away, royalophiles, they sound good) or Camille Marguerite or Camille Coralie, if you wanted to get the feeling of Cora in there? You could also go with something slightly androgynous – Camille Delaney would make me swoon, or maybe Camille Kennedy or Camille Georgina? Something with a lot of consonants, I think, is where you want to go here. Camille Nadia? Camille Geneva? Camille Adeline? Camille Felicity? Ooohhh…

If for some reason nothing here twigs excitement for you, is there something in Camilla? (STOP it, monarchophiles!) Camilla Delphine, or Camilla Beatrix, or Camilla Solange? In many ways it’s a different, more ‘expected’ feeling than Camille, so I don’t know that I’d recommend it – that said, if it attracts you, it’s a short jaunt down the road to Cosima, and there you can go crazy with Cosima Blythe, or Cosima Elodie, or Cosima Janine… 

Let us know! And obviously we know you’re not having a boy, because why would you be wrong? But if you were, the names above would send me squarely to Bruno, Bernard, Simon or Ilan… or Caspian, or Inigo, or Damian…

Let us know!