Man, do I ever love a well-named baby. First of all, aunt-of-the-year from Name. Needed. Now keeps her title by providing this timely and super-sweet update: 

 Hi Duana! 

Your article was so helpful! have no idea. The two first names you mentioned- Atlas and Hugo- were on their short list, and your insights about how they probably wanted something punchy helped them distill what they were looking for and what felt like the right fit. 


They have finally decided on a name, and it is Hugo Louis. Thank you again, for assisting in their time of need, and providing my family with a little excitement upon finding out the letter was being posted! 

Keep up the good work :) 

Then there was this answer to Beyonce’s Sister Meets Moulin Rouge 

Hi Duana!

Thanks so much for weighing in on my daughter's name. In the end, we'd gotten so used to calling her Louise (Weezy, actually) that we just couldn't picture her as anyone else. I loooove Solange, and I hope someone with bigger stones uses it soon. We thought of it for the middle name, but ended up with Louise Victoria. I think it suits her perfectly, but for now she's our Weezy, and she's hilarious and loud and the best. 


Listen, Weezy’s mom – your stones are absolutely fine and in exactly the right place, and your awesomely-named daughter can and will attest to that, now and when she hears this story in years to come. 

Finally there was this short, sweet, and ultimately so perfect answer to Sometimes More Is More:


Wanted you to know we ended up going with Luca! I was very unsure of the name, up until the delivery. I finally decided that I would never feel as strongly about my son's name as I did with my daughter's, and that "good enough" was going to have to be ok. Once he was born, I knew his name was Luca. Now I cannot imagine him with any other name! My husband and I really appreciate your advice, thank you so much!


Guys, are you noticing a theme here? The answer was inside you (and sometimes, but not always, also inside me) all along! You did the magic, and now you can’t imagine how you could have made any other choice! 

Keep naming those babies (and yes, Solange should still be on the table – it’s a great name), and please keep the updates coming! 

I’m also going to be answering more name questions about associations we have with given names, other naming ‘styles’ and more issues adults have with their names, so even if you think your question doesn’t apply, go ahead and hit me – there’s no part of this journey I don’t want to dig all the way into!