Duana!  This is a long overdue thank you and update on my request for help naming our third child. You were right about the similarities between our two oldest sons names, and we had decided on a name that was also a "thing," was a family name and would work for a boy or girl (Lake).  Then 2 things happened around the same time. We found out we were having a third boy and our country's presidential election had an outcome that was upsetting to us (to put it mildly).  We had decided ahead of time that if it were a boy he would have my father's name as his middle name, which happens to also be the name of this president.  It was important to us to give him the name of someone known for resistance as a first name, so we chose Emile for Emile Zola.  We are in love with the name and it suits our little boy perfectly!  I love that he stands out from his brothers but also fits in with a non traditional name that is a little bit trendy.

Thank you for your help!


Look, maybe it’s because today is crazy and I need to hear this myself, but can we talk about how sometimes you do your best work in the midst of a deep, dark challenge?

With respect to you and to me, we were ALL over the map here, from Reverie to Piper to Buford to Pandora—and you landed on a name that nods to who you are, who your family is, and what you hope for the world – all with a name that’s still uniquely his.  I love the story and I’m pretty sure he’ll love hearing the story of how it came to be.

Thanks for the update and for being open to all the types of names that could fit into and further define your style.