To all my delightful name nerds - it’s been a big week, and I have a feeling there are more weeks like this on their way... so I couldn’t help ending the week with a couple of updates, including arguably the most self-congratulatory one yet: an update to “I Have Deduced Your Clever Plan”:

Hi Duana,

Thank you so much for your response to my name question back in May 2018. I was thrilled that you answered. After reading your March 8 “New Names, No Secrets” I knew I had to get back to you! I apologize for the delay. 

I am excited to share that baby Bruno was born on July 3, 2018.  

Your response really helped my decision. It’s a great name. We love it. Bruno is likely the sweetest baby in existence. Big brother Maurice has adjusted amazingly and is quite the doting big brother.

Thanks again,


Vindication! Jacqueline, you and your family and your tiny Bruno have given me a unique joy that until now I only got from the TubShroom. But just when I thought my cup couldn’t runneth over any more, I got another note, a sort-of corroboration I couldn’t have expected: 

Hey Duana, 

I just wanted you to know that I *did* name my goat kid Bruno, if it's any kind of consolation.


It is all the consolation and joy in the world, because if there’s anything better than a little chubby baby Bruno, it’s a little four-legged bearded Bruno. I’m chuffed-plus, not just because this delightful name is seeing the light of day, but because you all are so cute, as evidenced by this reader letter to the author of one of the letters in “Updates Of Elation”: 

Dear Duana,

Can you please pass on the message to the lovely woman who named her second daughter Ruth?

Dear Fellow Duana Appreciator & Mom of Remy & Ruth,
Your follow-up in today's column is making me smile with a tear in my eye. My beloved Bubby Ruth (grandmother) died on Dec. 28, 2010 at the age of 94. I still miss her every day. She was a sassy, intelligent, loyal and independent woman who loved me with her whole heart. She was blonde until she died, and had her nails done too. As a child she was called Ruthie, and many of her cousins still called her that for her whole life. Hearing her name today brought me such happiness, and to know that this beautiful name is continuing to be used brought me such delight. I don't know if you are a Bible type person, but The Book of Ruth is such an incredible story, and her dynasty brought about King David.
(Duana insert - originally I thought Sarah meant the Oprah Book Club original selection - also fantastic.) And I don't want to leave out Remy - such a fantastic name too! Wishing you and your family well, and thank you for today's smile.


How great are you guys? Have a great weekend with your well-named goats and children and vehicles, and see you next week!