A flying update today as we get ready for all things Met Gala – but no less satisfying, as we get answers to a couple of December questions. First there was this update to Letter Writing Win, Name Jury Out

Hi Duana, 

Sorry it took so long for the update. She was a touch (it felt like forever) late so I got your response in time! 
We decided to name her Petra & it suits her perfectly. Her brother, Mirko, loves his sister very much. 
Also, while on mat leave I started watching Jane the Virgin, I think Petra is hilarious & extreme but she is also a fierce defender of her family (yes I know, to a fault) so I’m ok w/ the association lol.

Then there was this lovely resolution to the really touching question in Is It Too Close? Can It Be Too Close? 

Hi Duana,

Thank you so much for answering my letter! It was so helpful. I really did still have a lot of grief to process.

Our baby arrived in February, and we didn’t end up naming her Nina - but not because of my original concerns. Her last name is pronounced “how,” and I got it in my head that Nina would sound like “ni hao.” None of the Chinese speakers in the family thought that was the case or at all an issue, but the idea was stuck. It seems dumb, writing about it now!

We ended up naming her Vivian, and it’s perfect. She’s perfect.

Thanks again, I just love your work. 

I can’t top that, so I won’t try. Thank you for all of your questions and your updates – back with more on Wednesday!