It’s finally here – the week of the Oscars is upon us, and the excitement is matched by the number of things to do that demand attention (even if none of those is, you know, wondering what actually might win what).

So, welcome to Update Week! Lots of you ask for updates on what names are eventually chosen, and we don’t always hear from everyone, but happily, the updates take us all over the archives! First, here’s an update to No Vampires

Hi Duana — 

Thanks for your feedback on our naming debate (and for humoring my husband’s anti-CW tendencies)! For the record, he was alternately reacting to naming our baby Katerina or Caroline — and I still love both names. 

We welcomed Avonlea Rose on Dec. 30. I’d had her first name stashed away in the back of my mind since childhood, and I was frankly astonished when the husband was into it. And we got a pass on Rose because it sounds lovely with Avonlea and doesn’t fully violate the no-pet-name rule, since my dog is technically a Roosevelt, called Rosie. I’m also assuming he forgot about the Season 2 Vampire Diaries storyline with Rose, since he didn’t mention it, and I’m definitely not going to bring it up. 

Thanks again! 


Next, we have a short, sweet, and all things considered, slightly surprising update to Walk The Line:

Thanks for your help on this one!

My husband ended up coming around to Emerson and feeling very into it, so we named her Emerson Jane. 

I will never, never get tired of the name Jane. I dare you all to name your children Jane and see if you can make a liar out of me, but I doubt it. 


Next up, if you wondered what appeared on a certain overdue birth certificate, here’s the answer to Emergency Intervention, Surname Edition:

Dear Duana,

I'm delighted to say that after all the drama, we ended up going with your suggestion of Enzo Urmeo Bessette . I'm happy with the choice and haven't looked back!
Thanks so much!


Finally, an update from the parents who wondered about the influence of The Little Mermaid on a name they loved in Define – okay, no, SPELL ‘Synonymous’:

Hi Duana,

Thank you so much for responding to my letter about the name Ursula a few weeks ago. After months of back and forth on it, my partner and I really appreciated having your insight and objective perspective as we neared our due date.

Having said that, when we met our daughter in the wee hours of Mother's Day she just wasn't an Ursula so now we've got this beautiful name saved for the future.

We went to the hospital with three female names to try on in the event that baby was a girl and I knew she was Saskia Lorelei the moment they put her on my chest.  

Saskia ties in strongly to my heritage in a few ways while Lorelei is the name of a much written about landmark (and siren) along the shores of the Rhine River near where my partner's family is from. All of that and we just love both names for their sound and flow and tenor.

Thank you again for your help--I'll let you know if Saskia ends up with a little sister named Ursula down the road. :)

That’s all for today, but many more to come later this week and next – keep the questions, comments, and updates coming, even if, or especially if, you think it’s been way too long… that’s half the fun!