I mean, I should be making an effort to not have it about me, but I was so delighted with the response from the letter writer in the very personally-affecting Making It All About Me that I had to go ahead and make this the headline on a short but very sweet Friday name update:

SeeOdoor is Born! 

Hi Duana! 

On July 23rd at precisely 8:45am Theodore Henri was born! You made the name special by making it personal and I loved the energy you injected in it. We batted around a few ideas (Bernardin was a front runner since that's my husband's grandfather's name and we loved Simon) but in the end, when we met our little guy, we knew right away he was a Theodore Henri. My family hilariously pronounces it and I now wouldn't have it any other way. 

Signed, no longer confused in three languages! 

I know everyone says, “I couldn’t do it without you guys”, and that readers and commenters are the best – and you know how I don’t want to be the same as anyone else. But it’s especially true, and has always been true, for this column where you guys actually give me the questions and dilemmas I’m so excited and honoured to be able to get to answer… so thank you to everyone who sends letters, updates, comments, and other interest that makes this column go! 

Back to a regular Name Nerd schedule next week – can’t wait to hear from you!