Dune was a major success when it was released in October 2021 grossing more than $400 million at the box office and winning six Oscars. Dune 2 comes out in November and is also expected to be a big earner and an Academy Awards contender. 


I get why so many people saw Dune and I get why it went on an awards season run. But I have some complaints. Two main complaints: it was SO LONG and kinda boring and also… not enough Zendaya. The sequel, apparently, will address my concerns. 

Director Denis Villeneuve told the audience at CinemaCon yesterday that: 

“Part One is more of a contemplative movie. Part Two is an action-packed, epic, war movie. It is much more dense. We went to all new locations. I didn’t want a feeling of repetition. It’s all new sets. Everything is new.”

As for Zendaya – Dune was over two and a half hours, and her screentime amounted to just seven minutes. This time around, it’s expected that she’ll have a bigger presence, a presence to match how much we saw her in the promotion of the first film. Because, remember, she was on every carpet, and she and her looks carried much of the marketing with one amazing fit after another.


 Remember this?!?

Zendaya attends the "Dune" UK Special Screening at Odeon Luxe Leicester Square on October 18, 2021 in London, England

And this?! 

Zendaya attends the red carpet of the movie "Dune" during the 78th Venice International Film Festival on September 03, 2021 in Venice, Italy

It’s starting already for the second movie. The fit yesterday in Vegas was so f-cking good. These pants, the open back, and somehow it complements Timothée Chalamet’s look, right? And also kinda works with the film’s aesthetic too. 

Dune world-premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2021. Venice hasn’t released its lineup yet but given the sequel’s release date the timing kinda works out for another Venice appearance.