I’m coming at you with the most generic, weak ass analogy, are you ready? The Avengers assembled…and they couldn’t take out The Rock. The Rock is Thanos. I told you. The Rock is the highest paid actor. Not even Robert Downey Jr, with all his back end percentages from the MCU, could beat out The Rock. But Allison from Dlisted is right – of all the Avengers, the name I least expected to see on the Top 10 was Paul Rudd! (Dlisted)

Katy Perry walked the red carpet with Orlando Bloom at the premiere of his new series last night. My first thought was: that’s the same colour she wore at the Golden Globes when they first started dating, right? (I haven’t checked, I’m going off my gossip memory so I’m hoping I haven’t lost a step). Second thought: she’s an asset to his career now, isn’t she? (Cele|bitchy) 

I don’t have a go-to fragrance. I’ve been searching, or smelling, for years. There are fragrances that I love, but my friends wore them first. And stealing someone’s signature fragrance is a dick move. Should Chloe Sevigny’s perfume be my fragrance? I want to try. I also, like the FUG Girls, don’t really understand this outfit but then again Chloe has never been boring with her style choices and this is definitely not boring. (Go Fug Yourself) 
I will admit, I clicked on this headline because of the words “penis” and “urine stream”. And I learned something. I learned that this is about video games. And a thing that you can do in this video game is make your players pee in one spot to unlock something or get more power, or whatever it is that’s the goal in the game. And it involves Norman Reedus. So when you play, you can make Norman Reedus pee? I wish someone would put me in a video game and make me poo. Maybe it could happen that way in real life too. (Pajiba) 

The Queen spends her summers at Balmoral. If you’re wondering what it’s like at Balmoral, here’s a guide. Speaking of Balmoral though, that’s where Prince Andrew was when Jeffrey Epstein died. And then he and the Queen went to church the next day, all smiles. Oh and one more thing about Balmoral: remember when Andrew hosted Jeffrey Epstein at Balmoral?! The Queen’s son once invited Jeffrey Epstein to Her Majesty’s royal summer home. He dared let that creep step foot inside the Queen’s holiday haven. Just in case you forgot, Jeffrey Epstein went to jail for creeping on girls and became a registered sex offender and at the time of his death was accused of running an underage sex ring and raping dozens of children. And Prince Andrew was friends with him. (Vogue)