Dwayne The Rock Johnson and his wife, Lauren Hashian went out for dinner last night in LA. The Rock doesn’t get papped super often. It might not seem that way because he’s quite active on social media, but I don’t see weekly shots of him on the agency sites which makes sense – this is not a man on the party scene, he has young children, and he is BUSY. When does The Rock have time to get papped? He’s always shooting or in the gym or managing his various businesses or, maybe, contemplating a run for office. Also he’s a big deal, one of the biggest deals, so when he travels, he flies private so you’re not often going to see him at an airport, even when there’s no COVID. 


Here’s an example of how The Rock is not *just* an actor anymore: 

He’s not just starring in this movie (with his BFF Kevin Hart), his production company is involved. With DC. And that cast. Including Keanu Reeves! (What kind of a pet will Keanu be?!) 


Anyway, my point is, there’s not a lot of downtime for The Rock but when he does get papped, Mastro’s comes up so, obviously, this is one of his favourite restaurants. And he and Lauren wanted a night out. In their matching outfits. Not totally matchy-matchy, but there’s definitely some coordination happening here. Do you think they had a conversation about it? 

Are The Rock and Lauren the kind of couple to discuss what they’re wearing and whether or not they want to complement each other? The Beckhams I can picture it. The Rock it would have never occurred to me.

Next question: how much does The Rock eat at dinner when he goes to a restaurant? Here’s his breakfast: 


First of all, that looks delicious. I want that for breakfast. And I have a big appetite, I have out-eaten men twice my size. But this is a lot of protein, which he needs, and it fills you up. If he’s eating this much protein at breakfast (looks to me like three eggs and a small steak), how much protein does he get at dinner?