Boy Sh-t is back! A few weeks ago while promoting the latest Fast Furious movie, I can’t remember what number we’re at now, Vin Diesel said that the reason he and Dwayne The Rock Johnson fell out is because Vin “tough loved” The Rock so that he could transition from wrestler to actor. Seriously. Now The Rock is promoting a movie of his own, Jungle Cruise, and he has an official response. Emily Blunt, his co-star in Jungle Cruise, was there for the question. And the best part is how she reacts, which tells you a lot about what some people in the industry think of Vin. We have teams now! This is the new Bad Blood! (Dlisted) 


Spoiler alert if you’re planning to watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony later in primetime – SCROLL DOWN NOWWWWWW… DID YOU SCROLL? GO GO GO. 

For the rest of you, it was amazing to see Naomi Osaka as the final torch bearer, and it’s so f-cking cool that the cauldron looks like a tennis ball before opening! (PopSugar) 

Margot Robbie is doing promotion for The Suicide Squad so she’s making the press rounds and here she is looking amazing in a very cute polka dot dress but when I first saw her, because I watch Love Island USA like every night, I was like… is that Arielle Vandenberg? They look alike, don’t they? Can you see it? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Jason Sudeikis was seen with a group of friends the other day, including Irina Shayk. They were hugging, it looked like a friendly hug, but he’s apparently single and so is she and now everyone is wondering if they’re hooking up. I care less about this than I care about… Ted Lasso! First episode of the second season is now streaming. I’m saving it for Sunday. (Cele|bitchy) 


This is an age + fast food quiz which means I have to instantly play. But not before I complain about it because these fast food options are incomplete. Like you can’t ask me what I would order from McDonald’s and only give me four options that do not include a Quarter Pounder or a Filet-O-Fish! Which is the secret MVP of the McDonald’s menu! Because my order always includes either a Big Mac or Quarter Pounder AND a Filet! Also… the donuts. My donut of choice isn’t on here – it’s a Boston cream. So is it really all that accurate that the quiz is telling me that I’m 37?! (Buzzfeed)