January 2007 at Sundance. I interviewed James Franco for eTalk as he was at the festival to promote An American Crime.

He looked clammy and tired, like cold cuts gone bad in your refrigerator, and stank of a pack of cigarettes smoked in 10 minutes. But in spite of it all James Franco was hot. Like so hot I was happy I happened to be wearing a tight striped turtleneck, although to be fair we wore turtlenecks every day because Park City is f&cking cold.

It was a good interview. He was in the mood to chat. Strangely enough, throughout the shoot, he kept inviting me to sit on his lap. Believe me... it would have happened. But my producer Laura, who is the toughest on our team, was glaring at me with dagger eyeballs. And her teeth were clenched so tightly I just didn’t want to deal with the tongue lashing she’d rain down on me for the rest of the trip. Besides, I still needed to get in her good books for the Harry Potter assignment, which she did reward me with later on that year.

So it’s a decision I don’t regret but that I do approach from time to time with a Sliding Doors imagination.

Because James Franco is a sexy beast.


Here’s James Franco at Letterman last night, still pasty and clammy but I still would.

James is currently promoting Pineapple Express which I can’t wait to see. And my husband too. Let’s just say he fancies the subject matter...which is not an uncommon guilty pleasure but one that I, sadly, cannot share.

Makes me vomit.

Fun for maybe 10 minutes and then the paranoia arrives and the room starts to spin and I end up in the toilet for a half hour of dry heaves before a terrible, nightmarish nap. Sucks to be me.

James on the other hand...well he’s been tight with Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow for a while. Since the days of Freaks and Geeks. So it goes without saying...James Franco probably does not share my problem.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com