Rae! Much of today’s column was packaged last night because of my schedule so I wasn’t able to put this in shout-outs but here you are, topping the last post of the week - your birthday week! Happy Birthday! Lynsey sends her love from the UK! 

Science is now confirming for us that Ed Sheehan’s music is boring as f-ck which...is that science’s way of saying that something is basic? If you’ve been reading this site a while you should know that I’m just not a believer in the Ed Sheeran sound. I’m sure he’s a lovely person. But the songs, to me, are horribly unforgettable. Not forgettable. But unforgettable. Like you can’t make them go away. Like an unwelcome house guest. By the end of the day you know everything about them. And you wish you didn’t. Now sleeping children are being subjected to something they won’t be able to forget either. (Dlisted)

Remember what I said yesterday about Mimi and “All I Want For Christmas is You” and how everyone wants to write a classic Christmas song but it’s one of the hardest things to do ever? Well Katy Perry tried. And it’s probably not going to work out. And Mimi is closing her eyes and shaking her head and inhaling because she knows, she knows this and she just doesn’t have the energy anymore to tell you that she told you. Because she’s too busy making even more money off that song. That song is going to make money for her FOREVER. It will never ever ever not be playing during the holidays. Think about that. FOREVER. (Pajiba) 
F-cking JLo. I swear. It’s f-cking crazy. How does one person get hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter? This fact is observed thousands of times by thousands of people every day. And we cannot stop observing it because she is ridiculous. Here she is in a string bikini under a pair of baggy pants. I don’t know what this outfit is. Anyone else would look like a dumbass in this outfit. She puts it on and I’m like, f-ck you, Jennifer Lopez. You’re the unicorn.  (TMZ) 
Not sure I agree here with the Fug Girls about Issa Rae’s dress. In their opinion, the bows along the side ruin it. I’m not sure it was that great to begin with? Something about the arrangement of the elements in the “mural”. I don’t love the large white gap across the middle. I also don’t love the colours happening here. They’re all too...dull? Like nothing pops. It’s basically hotel room wall art. Not meant to make an impression. Not nice enough for you to want to steal it. (Go Fug Yourself) 
Are you a morning person or are you a vampire? I’m a morning person by necessity. I used to be a vampire. And I would prefer to be a vampire. My book was written in the middle of the night. Duana, Kathleen, and I write the Oscar posts in the middle of the night and we get off on it. Kelly Clarkson is apparently the same. There’s just something amazing about sleeping all f-cking day and waking up in the afternoon and not working until it gets dark. Adulthood takes that away from you. And as a society we should really reconsider it. (Cele|bitchy) 
The Academy’s Governors Awards are happening this weekend. Lots and lots of A List stars will be in attendance. And it’s not cheap to go. I love stories about how rich people complain about how much it costs. Apparently the Academy has raised the table fees and the studios are fussed. But they all still want to go because they want to be in the ballroom with all the famous people. Starf-cker money drama! (The Hollywood Reporter)