Dear Gossips,  

Starting the day, and the week, with some men’s fashion because I was just scrolling through our photo agencies and this is what popped out immediately. 


Now this is a f-cking serve, Eddie Redmayne. 


Eddie is playing the Master of Ceremonies in the Cabaret revival on Broadway. And it looks like it’s an over-the-top production, which is saying something because it’s not like Cabaret is subtle. But, like, have you seen the visuals? 


And Gayle Rankin as Sally Bowles: 


They’ve also totally set up the entire theatre like it’s the Kit Kat Club. The reviews, however, have been mixed. But the curiosity is definitely there, and I’m curious to see how it performs commercially. They did a feature on the new Cabaret on CBS Sunday Morning this weekend: 

But back to Eddie and this outfit… 


It certainly lives up to his character without looking like a costume. I love it. The wild and slightly disturbing pattern is offset by the impeccable tailoring. Somehow he still looks like an aristocrat while wearing a fit that was imagined on the streets. Can we please see more of this on more and more actors? 

Yours in gossip,