The Fug Girls are asking whether or not Eiza Gonzalez is pulling off this green velvet suit. My vote is YES. I love the wide lapel on the shirt underneath and that it’s zippered. I also love the cut of the trousers, but mostly… it just looks super comfortable. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Vanessa Hudgens says she can communicate across realms – as in she can talk to ghosts. There’s a Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost joke here but I’m too stupid to make it. Vanessa sees this ability as a gift. I would not see it as a gift. I’m not here to f-ck with the dead, it’s hard enough to deal with the living. But now my mind goes to one of the most popular Korean drama series of all time, Goblin, in which the main female lead character can see and talk to ghosts because she’s known as the Goblin Bride. Is Vanessa Hudgens a goblin bride? (Dlisted)

I thought this was a made-up story because… why is anyone engaging in a conversation about whether or not nurses are hot? Anyway Andy Cohen made some comment about what he expected nurses to look like and let me tell you, since I spent almost all of last month at the hospital every day with my ma, observing nurses at work, they are very, very hot. They show the sh-t out of their work and this is hot as f-ck. They also have the best face mask game and because of them I ordered a bunch of mask extenders off Etsy that are saving my ears. (Cele|bitchy) 


This is indeed Very Important Content and your day will improve once you see it. Also I did a project on orangutans in middle school and don’t remember much of it but I feel ripped off as f-ck now because this kind of visual was not available during my school days and it could have seriously improved my mark which was a just-passing grade. (Pajiba) 

Most of my friends, and most of you, and Emily who is our site manager and definitely Sarah, tune out when I talk golf. But I’m pretty sure people who aren’t even into golf will be paying some attention to golf this weekend because… Tiger Woods. He’s on the course right now. The last I checked, after the first nine, he’s three shots back. The galleries for all his practice sessions have been like they are for grand slam Sundays. It’s crazy that he almost lost a leg 14 months ago and has rebuilt his swing, again, and is competing at the Masters. There is work involved here and a LOT of strategy. A masterclass in strategy. (