Thanks for your tweets and emails about my fave Taffy Brodesser-Akner’s new piece on Gwyneth Paltrow for The New York Times Magazine. I’m definitely posting about it, just not finished writing and that that f-cking rapist took up some of my juice this morning too. We’ll get to goop tomorrow, for sure.  

Michael K is right. If only there were more people like this mom who’s offering herself up to be a mom for those whose moms hate them for who they love. I’m not a mom but hey, if anyone wants me because their parents aren’t doing right by them, I’d stand in as their mom too. And so would you, right? Because it shouldn’t be so hard to be happy for a person who’s found someone to love. Oh and if I had to guess? Sara’s phone case would obviousbly be a rainbow. (Dlisted) 

There’s been some bitching about Princess Eugenie’s upcoming wedding because it’s happening at Windsor Castle and there will be a carriage ride around town and people invited to be on the castle grounds, just like at Prince Harry and Royal Meghan’s wedding. The criticism is indeed mean. But also? It makes no sense. Prince Edward married Sophie Rhys-Jones at Windsor Castle and there was a carriage ride. And at the time of his wedding, and still now, Eugenie was AHEAD OF HIM in the royal line of succession. That means she is closer to the crown than he is. If he had his wedding there, why wouldn’t she have her wedding there?! (Cele|bitchy) 

The Fug Girls are right. This denim jumpsuit is editorial only. In the summer? Moist crotch, 100%. Also it would be a pain in the ass if you ever have to pee. Look at all those buttons and the belt and the adjusting the straplessness of the breast situation, it’s a logistical real person fashion nightmare. (Go Fug Yourself) 
I haven’t cried yet this year. Pretty sure I haven’t cried since 2015. But I came close today. This story. This girl. This is Elin Ersson. These are her words. This is her courage. I don’t care if you’ve already heard about it, read it again. Read it until you can memorise it. She is showing us what we can be. (Pajiba) 

LeBron James confirms what Duana has been saying about names all along. When she talks about how names can limit kids instead of open possibilities for them. (TMZ) 

Has a Song of the Summer been crowned yet? Do you have a song of the summer? What is your summer 2018 jam? The track that, in 20 years, will take you right back to where you are now? If you need one, here’s a suggestion. I’ve had it on repeat all week. Amazingly it’s reminding me of my groove from 20 years ago. That’s what makes it so special. It’s of its own moment and nostalgic at the same time. (Vulture)