I have questions. How is “stunt porn” different from regular porn? Isn’t all porn… stunty? Like all porn is made to be watched and accessed, to elicit a reaction, right? Why I am I dedicating valuable brain time thinking about this? This would be the “stunt porn” that happened at a library and everybody is offended. And, yeah, I get it. There are children at the library and they have been exposed to the sex. But also… has anyone else ever dry-humped in the library? Or is it just me? (Dlisted) 

Elisabeth Moss’s orange eye shadow is definitely a choice. Good choice or bad choice? I don’t hate it, actually. Not with this outfit. It’s all black, has an edge, a toughness to it, I’m digging the boots, and she’s wearing it well. This is not an eye that was ever intended to be pretty or angelic. This was a deliberately polarising eye. That’s not always a wrong move. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Billie Eilish went full Burberry at the BRIT Awards and I’m not mad at it but I do think maybe it’s similar to a look we’ve seen before from her so my favourite of Billie’s award season outfits is still the Chanel she wore to the Oscars. (Cele|bitchy) 

Justin Bieber is this week’s Carpool Karaoke. He did not shoot it before shaving off his moustache. But speaking of Carpool Karaoke… the next one is coming next week, on Tuesday. And it’s BTS. So James Corden will be singing in Korean. I’m trying to come up with my wish list playlist. Send me yours. I’m thinking of posting mine in a few days. (OMG Blog) 

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez went to a business meeting. I can’t help feeling, still, that he loves bringing her to business meetings to make himself look better while she could go to a business meeting without him and no one would miss it. (TMZ)