If you watch Elite, you know exactly who I’m talking about here because I’ve just referred to the names of the characters and not the actors. Omar on Elite is played by Omar Ayuso. Ander is played by Aron Piper. They are, spoiler alert, but not really, my favourite couple on the show – because both of their storylines, separately and together. Also… they’re so f-cking hot, separately and together. I don’t know what they’re doing over there in Spain but the love scenes are explosive. There was this one shot, I think it was in season two, of Ander going down on Omar where I actually felt for a few seconds that I might have a penis, that’s how sexy it was. And intimate. 


Anyway, Omar and Aron went to get tested for COVID-19 in Madrid last week (photos just released today) as they’re about to start work on season four of the show – no release date has been formally announced but there was only six months or so between season two and season three and because of the shutdowns with the pandemic, everyone is looking ahead now for new content. If they can do it safely in Spain, I’m guessing Netflix is going to want this sooner rather than later. 

If you haven’t watched Elite yet, forget about whatever new reality dating show you’re into and get into it. The people are just as attractive, and they’re more diverse. Also, if it's drama and pettiness you’re after, Elite delivers ALL THE DRAMA and ALL THE PETTINESS. There’s a tantrum every episode, people are always slapping each other across the face, and they manage to cover so much in their eight episode seasons: racial politics, gay politics, class politics, murder, drugs, fraud, insider trading, embezzlement, corruption, and on top of all that, there’s either a dance or a ball or a house party every other episode so it’s like Gossip Girl, but better, because there are social issues that they make digestible without topping it all with a dollop of earnestness. Elite is NOT earnest. Even their version of Lonely Boy Dan Humphries – Samu, played by Itzan Escamilla – who is my least favourite character (in fact, I hate him) is interesting because he does some shady f-cking sh-t. And when Elite delivers a “happy bowtie ending”, it comes with a price – a HUGE price. 

I’m telling you, once you start you can’t stop. Self-care then, go for it.