We’re going to get to Prince Andrew later – what we’re talking about here, in this post, is the fact Prince Andrew, the beloved second son of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, known for years for his reportedly boorish behaviour and my-sh*t-don’t-stink attitude, has become a punchline, a joke, a joke that you can make on broadcast television in England without fear. Because what can they do now? He’s already made a fool of himself on broadcast television what with his sweat glands and his bumbling and fumbling. 

So here’s Elizabeth Banks on The Graham Norton Show turning what’s meant to be some mockery directed at her into an opportunity to lampoon Prince Andrew, friend of the dead rapist pedophile Jeffrey Epstein: 


I f-cking LOVE her timing. I f-cking love how Kylie Minogue reacts. Even Ricky Gervais – RICKY GERVAIS! – is practically speechless. Most tellingly though, it’s how the audience responds: they erupt, in shock, sure, but also with overwhelming delight. I guess, maybe, there may have been one or two pearl-clutchers up in there but for the most part, that’s where we are now, we’re at the point where Prince Andrew is a laughingstock. For months now we’ve been told by the British tabloids to criticis what is or isn’t “royal” and what constitutes an embarrassment. 

What could be more embarrassing and therefore “unroyal” than to have become a laughingstock, a quick go-to joke about fat fingers or sweat glands?