Here are some photos of Elizabeth Debicki looking both eerily like Princess Diana on the set of The Crown, and also Very Tall. These are behind the scenes photos, perhaps on film they are not letting her be tall, but here in life, during the breaks, Elizabeth Debicki is just standing around, being tall. It is magnificent. I am obsessed. Things are better when Elizabeth Debicki is allowed to be tall. I am hopeful for The Crown season five, and life in general. Tall Queen Elizabeth Debicki is out there, Being Tall. The world makes sense, for a little while, anyway.


Season five is filming now, and season six, the final season, is supposed to begin production toward the end of summer. The two final seasons will primarily focus on the period from the late 1980s through the mid-1990s, arguably the most tumultuous period for the royal family, including the dissolution of the Wales marriage and the enormous backlash the queen faced in the wake of Princess Diana’s death (though Peter Morgan did cover that ground well in The Queen). The big question, though, is how close to the contemporary moment will Morgan push the finale? Will he end on, say, Prince Charles and Camilla’s marriage? Or perhaps the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton? That’s probably the last moment the world was really in charity with the royal family. For a moment, it seemed like Diana’s children would carry the royal family into the twenty-first century. And then, well. Everything that happened, happened. 

How much of the recent drama will Morgan include? Or will it be like season four, and we just settle for slyly unflattering portrayals of the most unpopular royals?