Dear Gossips,

The New York Times published an article on Elizabeth Olsen on Friday in the Fashion & Style section that I thought was totally normal and also kinda weird. As we’ve seen, almost all celebrity profiles these days include details about food. Charlie Hunnam orders a salad. Robert Pattinson orders some eggs, but Taffy Brodesser-Akner’s not allowed to tell us exactly how the eggs are cooked because that would give away Robert’s whereabouts. Lizzie Olsen, however, is making ravioli all’uovo. So Lizzie doesn’t just eat food, she prepares food, and she’s apparently so serious about it that she even travels with her own spices and knife block. Which is always an issue at airport security. Also a spiraliser. Spiralisers were all the rage a couple of years ago in my circle. Everyone was eating zucchini noodles. I didn’t want to invest in a spiraliser. So I tried Bolognese once with spaghetti squash. It was fine. But please stop telling me it’s just as good. It is not just as good. It is not the same, not the same at all.

Anyway, like many millennials, Lizzie is big into food. So into it, evidently, that she’s selling movies with it now. Unlike many millennials though, she’s not Instagramming her food. Because she’s a true foodie – and true foodies never compromise their food moments by tweeting them. The live in the moment of the food. And, finally, the piece concludes by letting confirming that:

Ms. Olsen fed herself.

Bizarre, non? Was that the thesis?

Click here to read the full article on Elizabeth Olsen and let me know your thoughts.

Yours in gossip,