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Sarah Posted by Sarah at April 3, 2018 15:23:14 April 3, 2018 15:23:14

How to Talk to Girls at Parties played Cannes last year, the second of the Elle Fanning/Nicole Kidman movies (along with The Beguiled), and it still hasn’t got a North American release date, though indie distributor A24 has picked it up, so it’s coming. This is one you definitely want to see. The official trailer has been released, and it’s skating right on the line of giving everything away without quite spoiling it while still giving you an idea of how WILD this movie is. It’s from John Cameron Mitchell, the man behind Hedwig and the Angry Inch—and the devastating Rabbit Hole—and How to Talk to Girls brings him back to the world of 1970s punk rock, this time in London just as punk is exploding.

Watch this trailer and then don’t watch anything else that may be released later. Just wait for the movie. I got to screen this recently and had NO IDEA what I was in for and it was a riot. I kind of love it. There is definitely a Sing Street vibe, and a little bit Earth Girls Are Easy—I’ve said too much. Just check out the trailer, judge whether or not Ravening Punk Queen Nicole Kidman is for you—the answer is yes, Ravening Punk Queen Nicole Kidman is for all of us—and then file this one away as something to see the very second it is available in your area. Also, Elle Fanning sings in this movie. Dakota Fanning sang in The Runaways. Granted, Dakota was doing a Cherie Currie impression, but between the two, I’ll give it to Elle Fanning. She’s got decent pipes. 



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