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Apparently these two have been a thing for at least six months. I don’t remember knowing about this but it’s also possible that I didn’t commit it to memory because it’s been a while since anyone cared about Adrien Brody. But he and Georgina Chapman are still a thing. Remember when he and Elsa Pataky were a thing? I’ll say it again, I’ll say it every time – she’s with Chris Hemsworth, and that’s a f-cking UPPPPPgrade. (Dlisted) 

Love this whole look on Elle Fanning and what makes it, what really gets it to another level is the glasses. I like how they occupy so much of her face without taking over her face. And I’m jealous because I have a small head, a turtle head, if you will, so I can’t pull of sh-t like this. Also this is a very good blowout. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I love that once in a while, Martha Stewart as a trash palate. I have a trash palate, which is why whenever there things online about food trends or weird food conversations – the latest was people dipping Oreo cookies in mustard – I’m down to try it. This, I think in my case, comes from being Asian. We mix all kinds of flavours together. You should see some of the things I’ve added to ramen. Have you ever tried chocolate with ramen? It’s amazing. The umami and the chocolate combination is prime. Also almost all nuts go with ramen. (Cele|bitchy) 

Lately I’ve been thinking about stockpiling. Like making sure there’s a six month supply of water in the garage, in the event of a global disaster. It’s hard not to feel that way with all the sh-t in the news. And stories like this, about the size of asteroids, only makes it worse for people like me who are paranoid. (OMG Blog) 

Harvey Weinstein is worried that he’s going to be Jeffrey Epstein-ed. Which makes no sense to me because all of Weinstein’s haters actually want to see how he enjoys prison life, like for a long, long time. (TMZ) 

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