You know what makes me crazy? When people make fashion calls without considering what the event is. An outfit for the Oscars is not an outfit for the VMAs. The Emmys and the MET Gala are not the same. You can wear the most beautiful classic ball gown but if you see one at the MET Gala when the theme is in honour of Rei Kawakubo and you tell me it’s your Best Dressed, I will not want to talk fashion with you ever again.

That said, Cannes is the perfect place for a classic ball gown. And also tacky excess. Cannes is one of those weird hybrid carpets where elegance is encouraged but also? Cheesy glamour is also accepted. That’s what makes Cannes so hilarious. They’re all about the prestige of cinema. But it’s also happening among all kinds of euro trash. Which is why Cannes always feels like the Oscars and the Vienna Opera Ball had a baby.

Anyway, here’s Elle Fanning at the opening night gala in Cannes and it’s perfect for Cannes. I am here for this princess dress. It’s custom Vivienne Westwood, made specifically for her, with a unicorn hand-painted on the back. VOGUE has more details about the design. I don’t want to see this at the MET Gala. But in Cannes? This is exactly what you do in Cannes.

The dress I’d wear, however, is the one she was in today. Even though it’s in baby blue, not my favourite. But how could you deny this? The sleeves to the elbows, the red lips dotted all over, the selectively placed doily-ing all the edges, and even the ridiculous shoes – really really great styling here.