I first read this headline as “The Sherminator” and I was about to ask you if you think Alex Trimboli, who Sarah namechecked yesterday, was an updated version of “The Sherminator” but it turns out that the article is about a serial sperminator who loves donating his spunk to women, sometimes at Target, although to be clear, Target is not sponsoring his spunk distribution business. Not sure if he’s still married, but I think we need an update on his wife. (Dlisted) 

I’m all for a good print. But this is a case of too much print. This print should not be extended to the shoes. That said… I was kind of tired of seeing Elle Fanning in one princess ballgown after another. So at least she seems to be having fun with fashion here. And also her hair? What is happening with her hair? My interpretation: this is a Chrissy Snow impression. Right? There’s a lot of Suzanne Somers happening here. Half of you probably don’t understand that reference. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Do you go to the library? I’ve heard about library wait lists. I’m pretty sure the library is still popular. Duana and I sometimes work together at the library. There’s one two blocks away from where I live. Last year we met up there to write together at noon on a Tuesday. And we had a hard time finding a table because everyone else had the same idea. I love working in the library. And when I was younger, I loved NOT working at the library. Do not close the library. (Mashable) 

Royal staffers have apparently been told to start planning for a royal wedding next year. But only after Princess Kate gives birth. At the same time, we’re hearing that Harry favours a small, intimate wedding. So how much planning will really need to be involved? Whatever. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. As I keep saying, what we need first is an actual confirmation that they are indeed engaged. NEED. This year has been bullsh-t.  (Celeb Dirty Laundry) 

This mirror. Would you buy this mirror? It’s not exactly a mirror. It’s a computer mirror. And this computer mirror will only let you see yourself if you’re smiling at it. So you’re being forced to smile in order to see your reflection. I just want to check if there’s food in my teeth. Payment: a smile. There’s something in my eye, it’s really uncomfortable. Can I just check what’s in there and get it out? It’s so uncomfortable. Sure. But smile first. Or I could just spend $2 on an actual mirror. (Jezebel) 

The chef that Scarlett Johansson may or may not be josting may or may not be leaving The Food Network because he decided to wear a controversial t-shirt last season. This is the most I’ve ever read about Bobby Flay. And I think I see why she might be attracted to him. He sounds like an asshole. (Vanity Fair)