What is your favourite fashion season? Duana and I talked about this recently. She’s all about summer. I’m super into fall. I like the versatility of fall. I like layering. I like that a short summer dress gets a new life with tights and combat boots. I like putting my leather jackets into rotation. And, this fall, I’m really excited about turtlenecks. For a while there, the only turtlenecks on the market were one colour, ribbed, and tight. Those still exist but there are other patterns and other fits. I’ve been building my fall wardrobe and it is a LOT of turtleneck oversized sweaters that will double as dresses. And structured turtlenecks with weird shapes to wear over jeans. 

Here’s Elle Fanning in a striped turtleneck with extra long sleeves that come out from under her suit so that it looks like a long cuff. I love this. I also am curious about the material here. It looks light and soft and not clingy. And it’s a great accent colour off of this almost mustard yellow. I would have, personally, gone with a white pump instead of an orange but otherwise, this is a pretty perfect look.