It’s a battle of the Most Divorced Men as Elon Musk re-suspends Kanye “Ye” West from Twitter after Ye went on another antisemitic spree. I want to make a “but what about your precious freedom of speech” joke but this was absolutely the right thing to do. Ye doesn’t need or deserve the platform to keep spewing hate to literal millions of followers (many of whom are only too happy to have their own repugnant views mainstreamed by a prominent media figure). Now, if only Musk would do something about the INCREDIBLE amount of spam flooding Twitter these days. JK I assume he fired that whole department. (DListed)


We are aware that RM has a new album out. Lainey will cover it next week after she’s had a chance to absorb it all. In the meantime, here’s a breakdown of the video for the lead single, “Wild Flower”. (PopSugar)

Okay but now I actually want to see Freida Pinto in a Beauty and the Beast adaptation. But like, a grown-up one. Guillermo Del Toro’s La Belle et le Bete or similar. (Go Fug Yourself)

Filmmaker Richard Curtis is embarrassed by the lack of diversity in Love Actually. Filmmakers should be allowed to admit when they don’t do a good job reflecting reality without shame, and I appreciate Curtis’s remarks here. Now, apologize for Yesterday. (Celebitchy)

You’ve probably heard of the insulin shortage which is impacting countries around the world. Well, here’s one potential culprit—people are using Ozempic, an insulin regulator meant for those with type 2 diabetes, to lose weight. The history of Hollywood and weight loss shortcuts is a long one, but this is especially disturbing because it is actively taking something already in short supply from those who need it to live. (Vanity Fair)