Dear Gossips, 

There’s really only one show that’s happening today, right? Let’s hope it’s a safe show. And that if there are any dramatics, they come from the entertainers – Lady Gaga’s vocals, Jennifer Lopez’s choreo, the synchronicity of the University of Delaware and Howard University Drumlines (they’ll be part of the “Parade Across America” following the inauguration of Joe Biden and you can watch all of it online here).


Let’s keep that energy in this space then to kick off the site. First… if you haven’t already seen it, here’s James Corden’s “One Day More”, in support of the Broadway community. Patti LuPone kills me. 

This next is from Duana – she’s decided it’s today’s anthem: 



And finally…

Our elusive Butterfly Chanteuse has something to say – from the preferred side of her face and a high angle and….yes, exactly. Mimi is not often succinct but she knows exactly when to keep it short:

To a peaceful day in America. 

Yours in gossip,