It’s true. Carrie Fisher is missed in so many ways. And Carrie Fisher would have seen some sh-t. One of the reasons she was so beloved was because she was candid about the sh-t she’d seen. And also the sh-t she’d done. What she did here is sh-t, of the best kind. Carrie couldn’t tear down the power structures – no one person can – but she certainly f-cked with them whenever she had the opportunity. (Dlisted) 

Reese Witherspoon shared a story yesterday about being sexually assaulted when she was 16 years old. And she said it wasn’t the only time. Reese is now one of the most powerful women in the film and television, producing acclaimed projects and advancing the careers of other women. And even she has been hesitant to speak up until now because of how the culture favours powerful men over and above powerful women. It’s a reminder of the how formidable the challenge will be – not that the challenge isn’t necessary but it will not happen in the next few weeks. (Cele|bitchy) 

Here is Elvis Presley’s legacy. I don’t want to ever meet Riley Keough because if I met her, I don’t think I could control it. I don’t think I could not say to her, OH MY GOD, you’re Lisa Marie’s daughter, you’re his granddaughter. Which she must f-cking hate, I get it. But given my obsession with him, all I think to myself is: Graceland is where you hang out on holidays. You’re one of few people allowed upstairs. (Pop Sugar) 

It’s not just Harvey Weinstein. So. Who Else? Kayleigh Donaldson’s latest piece is about David O Russell. And how abusive he’s been on his sets. And how he’s been able to come back from being called out, very publicly, for those abuses. One of the people he’s alleged been horrible to is Amy Adams. One of the people who’s kicked his ass for his abusive behaviour was George Clooney. Here’s an extra detail about David O Russell that relates to Harvey Weinstein: George talked about punching David in an interview with Playboy. That interview is hard to find. Many people have mentioned it. They refer to it online. And you can try to find a hard copy. But online, it’s hard to get a direct link. And, rumour has it, it’s because Harvey made some calls to protect David and had that interview buried. (Pajiba) 

John Mayer’s birthday suit reminds me of Jared Leto. Maybe not quite as douche, but close. Because it’s John Mayer. And he’s not known for being subtle. Jared Leto dresses like an asshole because he wants to show you how different he is. How quirky and artistic. John Mayer just wants you talk about him. Same thing, I guess. (TMZ) 

Kerry Washington is producing a new project. As Duana would say, she’s using her capital. And it’s especially critical right now because there was a time when women of colour weren’t accumulating capital in Hollywood. The ones who are, then, are immediately leveraging it to create more opportunities. (Variety)